Cotes du Rhone, Saint-Cosme, Rhone Valley, FR, 2015

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Tasting Notes:

In 2015, the west of the Rhone valley got more rain than the eastern parts. You know that our two sources of Côtes du Rhône are the villafranchiennes terraces from the Gard and the village of Vinsobres on the east side of the Rhône valley. We then got this year two very different situations. The syrah being an early ripening grape in our region, it helped me a lot in such a vintage.


My Côtes du Rhône 2014 will contain 75% of grapes fromVinsobres. I never used as much Vinsobres in the CDR. It is simple : to cook the best possible dish, you need the best products ; this year the best products were in Vinsobres. I am very lucky to take advantage this year of this fantastic source of syrah. The wine has a lot of personnality. The excellent levels of ripening reached here in 2014 are almost surrealistics given the vintage. A few vats still ferment.. There is more power in the 2014 than in the 2013 and the shining fruit of our CDR is there. With a good sensation of relief, the taste of ripening in the mouth is balanced by the freshness and the round texture. As my father would say : « il fait la queue » (« it is long »). Liquorish, gingerbread, redcurrant.


-We produce only Gigondas wines from our vineyards which encircle the Chateau. It was with the "savoir-faire" of a vigneron we created in 1997 a negociant activity that one could call a "Negociant-Vigneron". My wish was to become a negociant which would work with the spirit of a vigneron using ancient methods. This was meaning: being and remaining a small producer, be followed by winemakers having the same ambition, transport my wines in casks to avoid to rack them and kill their fruit.