Sauvignon Blanc, Uppercut, North Coast, CA, 2015

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Tasting Notes:

Reflecting the outstanding 2015 vintage, our Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc opens with vibrant aromas of nectarine, honeydew melon, lemongrass and orange blossom. Juicy white peach, guava and melon flavors give roundness to the entry, joined by crisp and refreshing Key lime. Sur lie aging added a nice weight and silkiness on the palate, which is followed by a zesty, fruit-focused finish. This wine’s intriguing hints of lemongrass are characteristic of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, while its subtle minerality comes from the volcanic terroir of the vineyards. Our Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc’s bright acidity is like a squeeze of lemon over fresh-caught, grilled fish or a seafood salad.


-We sourced the grapes from California’s North Coast appellation, focusing on the rolling hills and valleys of Mendocino and Lake Counties. These regions have wide diurnal temperature swings, which allow for slow maturation of complex flavors. Under the heat of the sun, the sugars develop, allowing Sauvignon Blanc’s lush, fruit-focused character to come forward. During the cool nights, the ripening process is slowed, retaining the grapes’ natural acidity and hints of mineral and lemongrass. This results in a stunning combination of lush orchard and tropical fruit expression, with bright citrus notes. We monitored the grapes carefully as they approached maturity, picking at the peak of ripeness.