Liquor Scotch "Milsean Private Edition", Glenmorangie, 750ml


Scotch "Milsean Private Edition", Glenmorangie, 750ml

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Glenmorangie Milsean Single Malt Whisky is the seventh annual release in Glenmorangie’s Private Edition range, which is designed to showcase the distillery’s renowned creativity and innovation. The whisky is crafted from Maris Otter barley, a type of winter barley that is bred specially to brew whisky and recognized for its ability to impart rich, rustic flavors. Once the barley was selected, it was mashed and fermented with water sourced from the Tarlogie Spring. The water produced from the spring, which spends nearly a century underground being filtered through layers of limestone before it is extracted, is unusually rich in minerals. In the 1980’s, when development in the area threatened the spring’s water quality, Glenmorangie purchased 600 acres of land around and including the spring, in order to ensure consistent water quality and adequate supply.