Scotch & Whiskey

Bourbon "Baby Bourbon", Hudson, 375ml
Not rated
Once our local farmers harvest and dry the corn grown for our Baby Bourbon, we grind it, add water and cook the mash for fermenting – creating a round flavor and balanced palate. Baby Bourbon is left to mature in our signature small charred new American o
Bourbon "Single Barrel Reserve", Knob Creek, 750ml
Not rated
Tasting Notes
Color- Our darkest and deepest amber and henna color
Taste- Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts and oak
Finish- Long and full; perfect for easygoing sipping
Scotch, Chivas Regal 12 Yr, 1L
Not rated
Bottled at 40% alcohol, Chivas Regal 12 Year Old has a golden wheat color in the glass. The nose is on the understated side, carrying the scents of apples and sea spray on the top and a hint of woodiness underneath. On the palate, that wood flavor comes s
Scotch, Glenlivet 12 Year, 1 Liter
Not rated
Character: The smooth and welcoming one
Color: Bright and lively gold
Nose: Fruity, summer-like fragrances
Palate: Well-balanced and fruity with strong pineapple notes
Finish: Creamy and smooth with marzipan and fresh hazelnuts
Scotch, Dalwhinnie 15 Yr, 750ml
Not rated
This classic Highland malt, Dalwhinnie ages slowly to develop a remarkable character. Fifteen years of gentle aging make it a smooth and subtle malt. Take your time to discover creamy vanilla, heather honey and just a hint of Highland smoke.
Bourbon, Reservoir, 750ml
Not rated
Vanilla, chalk, corn and toast on the nose. On the palate; char, pencil shavings, coffee and pecan with a medium to full body.

Finish: Tobacco leaf transitioning into a sweet cherry finish that lingers
Scotch, Chivas Regal 18 Yr, 750ml
Not rated
The oakiness that holds the youngest Chivas back is much more subdued, allowing for a more balanced scent with notes of vanilla, musty earth, malt, and just a touch of spiciness. The palate is unsurprising, in that it follows the nose almost exactly, reta
Whiskey "The Good Stuff - Rye", Templeton, 750ml
Not rated
On the nose, Templeton’s 10-year has the strong notes of banana, and tempered with caramel, almost, like flambe. Also some deep, subtle hints of maple. The finish is bold and unique, beginning with a spicy punch that leads to cinnamon and then creaminess
Scotch, Chivas Regal "Royal Salute" 21 Yr 750ml
Not rated
Bright in texture and tone with notes of ripe honeydew melon, homemade berry jam and creamy toffee, this new expression is smooth and sophisticated, providing a long-lasting tasting experience.
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