Domaine d'Arbousset Lirac, la Vigne d'Yvon, FR, 2011

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 The winemaker, Gérald Lafont, is a master oenologist who consults for over 40 different wineries in Rhône, many of which are prestigious estates that reside in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The amount of time, care and consistency it must take to help all of these vineyards deliver wines of the utmost, supreme quality is difficult to wrap the mind around. The even more amazing thing is, that is his part time job. His focus and true passion lies in Lirac, on a small 2.5 hectare parcel of land that was left to him by his father, Yvon, who worked these same vines and taught a young Gérald a lot about that which will surely become his legacy to the world.