H‡rslevelu_ "Arioso", La Favorita, Tokaji, HU, 2015

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Forks & Corks 2017:  "Bronze Award"


The Harslevelu, Arioso, is complete and well balanced. It is a rich wine that pours like liquid gold, mirroring the best of the Tokaj terroir.


-Adrienne and her husband and partner in all things, Gianluigi, have spent their lives seeking and mastering challenges, and “La Favorita” may be the most intriguing yet. It’s the consummation of Adrienne’s journey from art student to fledgling designer to renowned style icon. Gianluigi says that, for him, “‘La Favorita’ is the ultimate creative challenge, creating a truly remarkable wine.” To meet it, he has brought a lifetime of experience and passion—in business, competitive skiing and auto racing—as well as the sophisticated flair that only a true Milanese possesses.