2023 Bordeaux Futures

7 Reasons To Invest In Bordeaux Futures

  • To purchase wines at the initial pre-release prices while they are still in the barrel. When wines arrive after bottling, in an excellent vintage, they will be considerably more expensive.

  • To secure allocations of small-production wines that may not be commercially available after "en primeur" release. When they are gone, they are gone.
  • To own a wine from the start of its life - provenance is priceless.
 You know that you bought it and have controlled its storage from the beginning.
  • To purchase a birth year vintage for a child, grandchild or godchild.

  • To purchase a wedding year vintage
  • To be able to choose large format wines – magnums or double magnums. Or to be able to order half bottles – especially in Sauternes.

  • To purchase the latest vintages of a Château that you have followed and purchased over the years. This is especially important for wines where there is always more demand than there is supply.

How Does It Work ?

Bordeaux futures basically work like other market-traded commodities. Investors buy wine that has not yet reached the market. This allows the investor to obtain a potentially rare wine, at a bargain, then watch it increase in value. The wine is still in the barrels, un-bottled, and won't be released for 12 to 18 months. Wines will begin to arrive after about 2 years. 

Many of these wines have very limited availability. Purchases are on a first-come first-served basis and are available by the solid case only (12 bottles unless otherwise noted). Bottle prices are displayed for comparison purposes only and do not indicate that these wines are available by the individual bottle.

1) Pre-Order your Bordeaux of Choice Online
Click "Reserve" from the list below. This list is updated daily and many items will sell out within 48 hours of being listed.

2) Order Confirmation
Once your order is received, you will get a confirmation email with your order information and receipt.

3) Mark Your Calendar
Your order will arrive after about 2 years.  Sit back and wait for it's arrival.  We will keep you informed as the arrival date approaches.

This will be an exciting year for the Bordeaux Futures market, and my goal is to keep you as well-informed as possible so that you can enjoy this experience as much as I do! 

In the weeks that followed the barrel tastings in Bordeaux, the experts have published their reviews of the wines, and we have published scores from the main publications when available. We are able to offer you "premier tranche" (first prices), because we have the ability to purchase the wines at the very first and best prices!