Vino di Visciole, Velenosi, Marche, IT, NV (500ml)

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  • "Vino and Visciole" is a wine aromatized with cherry syrup and it is part of the Marche tradition since ancient times. Nowadays it is considered as a meditation wine. In the past sour cherry wine was produced to make, robust and tannic wine, more enjoyable. The production of flavoured wines is an ancient tradition of the Marche region, dating back to the Middle Ages when it was the protagonist on aristocratic banquets and on the farmer's table, and it survives to present thanks to the farmer's heritage."

    "Intense ruby red color with hints of reddish purple. The nose is intense and complex with notes of violet flowers and matured red fruits. On the palate the sapidity and the structure are well balanced between each other. All the aromas perceived on the nose are confirmed on the palate. Notes of cherry, blueberry and blackberry jam are particularly highlighted. It pairs well with dry pastries, chocolate cakes and jam tarts (crostate)."~Winery Notes